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The information on this website is especially intended for users of the SURF systems for research, such as Snellius, Lisa, Grid, and HPC Cloud.

System status

Technical pages

On these technical pages you can find information on how to use the systems hosted and supported by SURF. We do our utmost to keep the documentation on this website up-to-date and accurate. If you find errors or have suggestions for improvement, we encourage you to contact us via or +31 88 787 3000. 

SURF services

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ISO 27001-certification

SURFsara holds an ISO 27001 certification for information security. This means that we meet strict international standards.



Snellius is the Dutch national supercomputer. Snellius is a general purpose capability system and is designed to be a well-balanced system.

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The Lisa Cluster is meant for people who are in need of large computing capacities, but do not need the facilities of a real supercomputer.


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Data Archive


The SURFsara Data Archive allows the user to safely archive up to petabytes of valuable research data. 

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Persistent identifiers (PIDs) ensure the findability of your data. SURFsara offers a PID provisioning service in cooperation with the European Persistent Identifier Consortium (EPIC).

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B2SAFE is a robust, secure and accessible data management service. It allows common repositories to reliably implement data management policies, even in multiple administrative domains. 

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Data processing - Grid


The grid is a transnational distributed infrastructure of compute clusters and storage systems. SURFsara is active as partner in various...

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Data processing - Spider

Spider is a dynamic, flexible, and customizable platform locally hosted at SURF. Optimized for collaboration, it is supported by an ecosystem of tools to allow for data-intensive projects that you can start up quickly and easily.

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HPC Cloud


With the HPC Cloud facility, SURFsara offers self-service, dynamically scalable and fully configurable HPC systems to the Dutch academic community...

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Data Ingest


The Data Ingest Service is a service provided by SURFsara for users that want to upload a large amount of data to SURFsara and who not have the sufficient amount...

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The Collaboratorium is a visualization and presentation space for science and industry. The facility is of great use for researchers that are faced with...

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Data visualization can play an important role in research, specifically in data analysis to complement other analysis methods, such as statistical analysis.

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Custom Cloud Solutions

A cloud environment tailored to your needs, adapted for specific data processing work flows or other functionality.